with Julie Migneault

The Inner Guidance Circle (IGC) is a powerful space to support you in...

  1. Making every decision with confidence, certainty and inner peace.
  2. Moving through challenging emotions and healing old patterns and so you never feel stuck again.
  3. Opening to your soul's calling and incredible opportunities that are aligned with your highest path.

When you do this, there's a RIPPLE effect in your life that RESULTS in...



Feel good about being YOU, the decisions you make.  Move forward with clarity.

LESS STRESS & MORE BALANCEsunset-97056_1280

Less energy wasted in endless uncertainty and more balance that comes from being in alignment.


Release lifelong patterns that no longer serve you and experience each moment more fully.


Step into TRUE wealth.  Listen to your calling and step more fully into it.


Let go of places that drain your energy and focus on what’s really meaningful and important.

Here's what some of those incredible individuals I've worked with have to share...

Words feel inadequate to express just how much I value and appreciate your presence in my life. Your support and guidance and all the gifts you have shared have been such a blessing to me these past few months.
Natalie McGroty

During our first session I had a breakthrough that led me to a huge shift. Within the next week I had over 10 new clients and was putting people on a waiting list for sessions!
Monica Marczuk

I feel a new sense of confidence in myself, my growing business and my gifts. Julie helped me look at some of the blocks I had, gave me clarity in the steps I need to take, and real tools to use in putting my vision out into the world. Thank you for your guidance, Julie!!
Fawni Ruhf

Shereen Thor

Shereen Thor

CEO | Awaken The Rebel

"Working with Julie has helped me to access parts of myself that have been dead for years.  I've been able to unearth and heal pain that - without her help - I wouldn't have known was holding me back. I honestly feel that as a result of my work with Julie, I have gotten a piece of myself back.  I feel more alive, more powerful, more vulnerable, more real, and more whole than I've felt in years. If you have the chance to work with Julie, I highly recommend seizing it immediately.  There are benefits in this work with her that may not be apparent until after you take the plunge, but I can guarantee you it's worth it."

So what exactly do you receive when you join the Inner Guidance Circle?


After working with hundreds of individuals who are thought leaders making an impact, I've created the IGC to offer clear channeled guidance and intuitive readings in a powerful group format. Whether you're asking your own question for intuitive guidance OR you're sitting in the powerful group energy and benefiting from another member's question - you'll receive powerful wisdom and a transmission of guidance that WILL move you forward on your individual path. Intuitive guidance is a highly sought after part of my work -  wome say the intuitive guidance that comes through during these sessions is like the “secret sauce” to keep them on track in their lives.  I’m making it possible for you to get full access to this broader perspective, clear wisdom on a consistent and regular basis at a fraction of the investment!


Our private, members-only Facebook community is a space where our incredible tribe gathers. You'll find like-minded powerful leaders committed to their personal growth and spiritual path. You'll experience camaraderie, support, accountability, and deeper reflection so you never go a moment feeling like you’re on the path alone! Feeling stuck? We gotcha! Need some inspiration?  Yup! And of course, I’ll be there to personally cheer you on!


Once you participate in an IGC group session, you may want to listen again - because generally our members tell us they get more and more out of each intuitive reading that they listen too. You’ll receive a login to the password protected digital library, where you can listen and download all past sessions, which are categorized by the topics covered. If you ever hit up against a relationship challenge, career crossroad, or inner exploration and want to hear clear guidance, you can easily go back to a past session and tune-in! Clients report that they often listen again and again to gain new insights each time. Your personal library of incredible content is always available to you!

Let's Do It!

Only $197 Monthly

Ahalya Kumaran

Ahalya Kumaran

Leadership & Career Coach

“Julie is a miracle worker! Before working with her, I used to automatically judge my emotions as good or bad, embracing the good feelings and not allowing space to deeply feel the negative ones. Most of the time I didn’t even know they were there! Julie taught me how to get in touch with all my feelings, especially the ones that were deep below the surface. Now, no matter what happens in my life, I slow down to be with all of my feelings, even the ones I generally haven’t wanted to feel such as sadness, disappointment, and fear. This new level of honesty with myself has resulted in a real magic that happens. I can actually feel healing happen and I become instantly clear about what to do (or not do) and have a deep sense of peace and trust within myself.  It’s incredible!”

Julie is awesome at helping one move through the "chatter", focus their energy, and be in the now. My experiences have been beyond eye opening. I've gone from this defensive, masculine stance on relationships to surrendering to the truth of my situation.
Kevin Hansford

Julie helped me to more completely integrate my business life into every other aspect of my life. Within six weeks my income doubled and I’ve held that level for two months!
Carol McNulty-Huffman

The support of Julie's channeling has supported me and my work to come forward. She holds the space so that I can truly step up and step out with my gifts fully empowered shining my own light on them with no hesitation. What a gift she has been. I will be forever grateful to her.
Mary Lane

What's covered during our twice monthly group intuitive readings?


We start each group session with powerful and succinct guided meditations to get you present, engaged and clear! Release what is not serving you and open to receive...


Actively participate by asking your own personal question and receiving an intuitive reading - lovingly referred to as a LOVE BOMB - live on the call. And/or benefit from the group intelligence and receive the wisdom of other member's questions.


Bring your Inner Guidance Logbook - a special bonus revealed further on this page - and deepen into the shifts, new awareness and clarity you receive through our powerful journaling and reflection exercises.


Our session ends with a grounding exercise designed to support you in taking in the shifts and new awareness and integrating them into your daily life for real results!

Deborah Maghen

Deborah Maghen


I am truly WOWED by how right-on Julie's guidance is. I deeply resonate with everything she shares.

During the last year I have been on a healing journey and I feel like Julie speaks to my deep core truth and brings to it more clarity, wisdom and insight. After a session with her I feel so acknowledged, uplifted, excited and optimistic! I feel like our work together moves a lot of energy for me. I'm feeling a lot lighter and trusting of the process I've been dealing with. Julie truly has a unique and powerful gift and I encourage anyone who feels the call to have a session with her to go for it!

Let's Do It!

Only $197 Monthly

PLUS... Receive these incredible BONUSES when you join!!


If you want to make the most out of our group intuitive readings, you’ll want to print out this beautiful journal to bring to every session. It will support you in noticing what’s important - like the physiological & emotional shifts that happen when you feel resonance with your own truth and connect with a new awareness. PLUS it will help you to integrate the guidance you receive into your everyday life.


If you participated in the 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge, you know that the meditations offered in the program were transformative. Designed to support you in healing, creating stillness and accessing your inner source - receive them FREE when you join the IGC! Download the meditations so you can load them on your mobile device and listen wherever you are - daily!


Save an additional 15% off of the monthly program rate when you invest in our Annual Membership Plan! (We really want it to be a no-brainer for you to have THIS much consistent support in your life.) 🙂

PLUS... I'm including these THREE exclusive trainings from my entrepreneurial SOUL SISTERS!

I gathered my favorites in the industry to get some of their latest teachings on intuitive business and creating the life you love...ENJOY!


with Stephanie Marie Beeby, InFlowCEO

Stephanie Marie Beeby is an Intuitive Business Strategist - one that I've personally worked with - and she's INCREDIBLE at helping you uncover your unique message and step fully into your gifts! In this exclusive interview, she offers the KEYS to using your intuition in your business to find your message and start offering it to the people you're MEANT to work with. Super potent training, guys! 🙂


with Shereen Thor, CEO, Awaken The Rebel

Shereen is the QUEEN Rebel. She escaped a life of drudgery to start a powerful movement designed to get you out of a life of "shoulds" and into a life by your design... she is a powerhouse with heart, and a woman that follows her spirit. In this exclusive interview and training, Shereen shares how to be the badass leader of your life so you can experience freedom, the lifestyle you want AND give back.


with Ahalya Kumaran, Leadership & Lifestyle Coach

Wanna be inspired?  Ahalya's your woman! She teaches us how to connect with our innerOli (inner light) and live from that place for the ultimate result - fulfillment & happiness. Ahalya has touched thousands of lives with her message and will inspire you to step more fully into your own life!

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Only $197 Monthly

Sheilagh Mercer

Sheilagh Mercer

Fine Artist

I feel so loved from my sessions with Julie and the energy she channels. I cannot help to return that love and gratitude in my life. Julie is supportive and offers answers in ways that are less limiting and allow for my highest expansion possible. There is an honoring of my greater attributes, even if seemingly dormant. Through my sessions, I realize I am on the right path. I have felt the shift of releasing deeply felt trauma; I have resolved life-long issues through my work with Julie over the last year. Her wisdom comes through in a way that even my “hard-to-manage” issues dissolve into love of self. We truly need not go it alone. The sessions bring the most sacred love and respect, yet with compassion. I easily forgive myself, because I feel forgiven. It is as if the child is held by the mother and nurtured. This has allowed my confidence in myself and my abilities to soar. Thanks, love and blessings!
Thank you so much Julie! Your guidance feels like it fits perfectly. There is no part which I don’t connect with and I feel totally comfortable with all of it. I will continue to explore in this direction as it feels most comfortable. This has been most helpful!
Michael Johns

Julie has guided me on how to differentiate what is my feeling is what I have absorbed from another. My confidence is improved. I wholly and completely recommend to anyone interested in learning about their feminine and masculine energies, as well as working on relationships, and soul-expansion, the eye -opening and awareness-raising experience of working with Julie.

Dana Bernbach

You are a magical healer with heart. After the session I was TRANSFORMED. I seriously had the most balance that I have missed for a long time. I am so grateful for the gift you are and how you have given me so much insight into my being. I see your energy like a soft rainbow dragon…full of ancient wisdom, compassion, and magical.
Kelly Meehan

Patricia Krown

Patricia Krown


My experience of Julie has been one of awe, amazement, appreciation and deep gratitude to her for her integrity, straightforwardness, clarity, professionalism, compassion, grounded-ness, generosity and ‘no-nonsense, tell it like it is’ approach to life. Her channeling & coaching are impeccable. She reminds me that whatever we are seeking ‘outside’ is already ‘inside’ and whatever information she may offer or impart is merely a reflection of what we have overlooked, forgotten or don’t trust in ourSelves. This view allows me to return to my own empowerment and create from there. Last and certainly of the utmost importance is her sense of humor and her ability to see the JOY, DELIGHT and FUN in life and bring that to ALL she offers. Being in Julie’s presence is truly a GIFT and one everyone would benefit greatly by giving themSelves!!

Let's Do It!

Only $197 Monthly

Want to know more about me?



JulieMigneaultHeadshotJulie Migneault is best known for catalyzing leaders into their next level of growth, personal fulfillment and contribution. With a real devotion to live from inner truth, Julie supports her clients to explore their inner world so they can lead their lives with greater clarity, confidence and inner peace while making a meaningful impact through their work.

After landing her dream job leading global social responsibility programs at a Fortune 500 Company by the age of 26, Julie found herself feeling surprisingly “off path” and like something fundamental was missing in her life. She followed the voice of her heart and left the success and security of her career and began a deep and personal journey of growth, healing, and transformation.

With extensive training and some serious love and devotion, she refined her gifts as a very clear intuitive and energy healer, combining these gifts with her extensive business acumen and strategic thinking.

Julie now works with an international community of powerful leaders to guide them to a place of connection with what’s real and meaningful in their own lives and the lives of those they serve.

Julie received her Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Bentley University and a four-year professional certificate in Energy Healing from the world renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  She is the co-founder of The Freedom Movement and the creator of the 10 Day Inner Guidance Challenge.

Julie loves to travel and has joyfully explored over 20 countries in her adventures. She now lives in Maui, Hawaii while spending a good portion of her time in California. Her greatest passions are creating meaningful connections, dance (and most kinds of movement), the ocean, and being an example of fierce love in the world.

Check out what Tyra Corona has to share about what's shifted in her life, too!


Let's Do It!

Only $197 Monthly

Emmanuel Bombardier

Emmanuel Bombardier

Founder | The Intention Call

I’ve had the privilege of working with amazing healers, energy workers & channels for quite some time doing radio and touring conscious events and festivals… My experience of Julie and her work has brought my awareness of what is possible to a completely new level. The reason I love working with her so much is because I never know what kind of magical experience is in store for me. Within a couple hours of our last healing I received over a thousand unexpected dollars. This is coming from clients I thought were never going to pay. She helped me clear some unconscious block that allowed for this abundance to flow in with such ease. So so SO grateful for your work Julie. I feel incredibly “lucky” to have manifested you in my life! Thank YOU!

Still have some questions?

What exactly is an intuitive reading?

As a highly trained intuitive and healer, I have a gift of being able to sense into and read energy. One of the most powerful ways my intuition comes to me is as a "channel" for clear guidance for my clients. I expand my energy and move into a non-egoic state. From this place, it's as if I'm seeing you from a much broader perspective, and so I can share insights on your life path, current challenges you might be facing, relationship dynamics and how they are playing out, and more.

This is not future-telling.  It's a powerful way for you to get super clear on your very own truth - what's really right and true for you - from the broader (and deeper) reflection of the intuitive reading.

Can this really help me? How?

The group intuitive readings are designed to cut-through any places of confusion, doubt, or cycling through old patterns and support you in establishing a deeper and more meaningful connection with your own inner voice - your own truth.

Can this help you in your life?  Absolutely.  It has the potential to catalyze you forward in powerful ways.  

However, if you DON'T want an external reflection, and if you DON'T feel like you can come and be open... this is probably not for you.

The guidance that is shared is personal and WILL resonate with YOU when it's RIGHT for you.  And when something RESONATES with you, you are much much more likely to take action on it for real results in your life.  Because it's not just another cookie-cutter instruction manual or "system" to get change- it's the right piece of guidance at the right time for you.  Customized to you.  This applies when you ask a personal question during one of our live calls AND when you hear the questions and guidance of our circle members.

As you hear guidance that resonates with you and start integrating it into your life - amazing shifts will begin and doors often open that you didn't even know were there!

I've DONE Inner Work... will THIS work for me?
Have you done all sorts of personal or spiritual development, but you're skeptical because you generally haven't gotten the results you want in your life or the results didn't last?

It's so easy to do!

Here's the difference with the Inner Guidance Circle:

1.  We're not offering any cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all solution.  The intuitive guidance shared during intuitive readings (aka Love Bombs) is PERSONALIZED to YOU.  The guidance and energy transmission comes through in a way that is most useful and beneficial to YOU.  You don't have to implement a standardized five step process that may or may not work - you can actually get a sense of YOUR way forward and through any challenge!

2.  The guidance that comes through is practical.  It's about taking the next step, then the next step and seeing things change as a result.  It's not some woo-woo intuition about what's going to happen to you in 10 years.  It's about making achievable and meaningful shifts NOW that will have an impact and take you to the next step.  Now, this doesn't mean that making those shifts doesn't take self-awareness and intention... but you wouldn't be here if you didn't have those!

3.  The program is designed to provide you with CONSISTENCY in a way that's super affordable over time.  So it's not like a workshop, course or training where you get all psyched up and then go home and nothing "sticks" in your life.  This becomes a regular part of your life - like taking your daily vitamins!  If you're struggling you don't wait before you ask for support.  If you're stuck, we're there!  If the intuitive guidance you received on the last call feels "fuzzy" you listen again or ask a new question!

The good news is - if you really really feel like it's not working for you, you just let us know and you can cancel at anytime (with 30 day notice).   It really is a no-risk situation to try it out!

What's the benefit of the group calls?

Have you ever heard of systems theory?  Basically - in a nut shell - systems theory proves that parts of the whole are interconnected and can't NOT be in relationship.

Whether you ask a question on a call or not - you get movement within YOU as you open to receive and hear the guidance that comes through for someone else.  That's because there's a powerful group field - a group energy - and the group intelligence WILL call forth that which will support the entire group in growth and expansion.  We don't have to be conscious of this for it to happen.  Yet it's powerful, palpable and exciting!  We truly don't have to go it alone.  As someone steps forward to ask a question - everyone in the group is served by what gets opened and unlocked within us.

Things are really great in my life... should I still join?

When things are going well is the BEST time to up-level our support and self-care so: (a)you don't unknowingly sabotage yourself (b) find yourself stranded when something DOES come up or (c) you really leverage and integrate all the amazing things that are happening for you!

I know a couple that has the most beautiful relationship - one that I respect and admire.  One of the individuals in this partnership once told me that they do their deepest growth work when things are AMAZING between them.  They don't wait for a problem to arise; they dive in and CREATE a space for everything - the fears, the upsets, the love, the bliss.  And it pays off in dividends in their connection 🙂

When your life is going well, it's THE PERFECT TIME to incorporate even more support and channels for you to expand even further into your bliss.

Plus, if you're like me - you might just LOVE to explore yourself and your relationships and this will give you a space to do that.

What ELSE is possible for you?  Come into the Inner Guidance Circle and find out! 🙂  PLUS... I don't want you to miss out on the introductory rate!

Are your intuitive readings always accurate?
No.  The truth is, I'm not sure 100% accuracy in intuitive guidance exists!  That's because YOU are your most trusted source of wisdom.  Guidance is always with an intention for your highest good.

About 85 - 90% of what is shared in an intuitive reading is spot-on and yet sometime the "full picture" of the solution you're looking for might not come through.  This may be because it's what you're truly ready to hear.  It might be because things will become clearer as you take more steps forward in a particular area of your life.  It may be that it's really important for you to learn a lesson in a particular way.

We encourage you to take in the guidance that resonates with you, and trust that if something doesn’t resonate with you, that’s perfectly fine and part of the process.

What is the time schedule?
Our live group calls meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 5pm PST to 6pm PST.   If you can't make the calls live, you'll still have full access to the Inner Guidance Lounge (aka our Facebook group) and will receive the recordings in your Digital Library.

Many have shared that they get so much out of LISTENING to the recordings, even if they've missed the live call.
There is an energy transmission that is grounding, opening and centering.  PLUS, the specific guidance offered to others during an intuitive reading can RESONATE and support you with exactly where you're at.

Do I have to / Will I have a chance to ask a personal question on every call?
You never HAVE to ask a question on a call.  We honor you exactly where you're at and understand that sometimes it feels more aligned to LISTEN until you're comfortable asking a question.  That's totally fine and you'll still receive a TON OF VALUE.

We do our best to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to ask personal questions as often as possible.  If you have already asked one question on a call, we ask that you wait to see if there is extra time at the end where no one is speaking before asking your second question.

(Family Style: Let's make sure everyone gets a first heaping before you go back for seconds 🙂 )

As we continue forward, we reserve the right to request that you submit questions in advance to make the most of our time together.

Let's Do It!

Only $197 Monthly

Cindy Andrews

Cindy Andrews

Physical Therapist

I watch you model this listening technique just like you are teaching us to do. I feel that you listen to me this way during our sessions. You come without an agenda for me, are totally present and it's all about me. So, being on the other side of listening....and am listened has a huge impact. The reason I am so drawn to our coaching and you, Julie, is because that's what I've yearned for my whole life. Your listening is reaching in and touching a part deep with my soul by your listening and being totally present. As a child and an adult, I mostly want to be listened to and heard. Thanks!! Thanks for your/our work!